EVGA Precision X OC Utility will ready for the GTX 1080 on the 27th

EVGA has announced that their Precision X OC Utility will be ready for GTX 1080 GPUs and release with GTX 1080 on May 27th.

EVGA precision X

On the Precision X OC Utility picture EVGA unveiled all name of their GTX 1080 cards, there will be five versions of the card, a Founders Edition GTX 1080, Superclocked, FTW, Classified, Hybrid and Hydro Copper variant.


The new Precision X OC Utility will support new GPU Boost 3.0 overclocking and allow GTX 1080/other Pascal GPU users to set variable clocks speed at different voltage levels, giving overclockers more granular control over their GPUs.

EVGA’s Precision X OC tool also adds an OC Scanner mode, which will auto overclock and stress test the GPU and should give novice overclockers. As of now no other company has announced their OC utility, so EVGA is the first.