EVGA SLI HB Bridges and L-shaped Power Link Adapter at Computex 2016

EVGA has lots of things to show, new GPUs, PSUs, Cases and much more. We already cover the new GTX 1080s so you can check them here. With new GPUs EVGA also announces a new L-shaped power link adapter, which allows users to connect PCI-E power cords to the side of a video card instead of the top, making everything much cleaner looking.

L-shaped Power Link Adapter L-shaped Power Link Adapter  3
Without the AdapterL-shaped Power Link Adapter 2 With the Adapter
L-shaped Power Link Adapter 1

The power adapter also fitted with LED lights under EVGA logo. It has two male 8pin on the top end and two female connectors on the bottom side. EVGA will bundle this L-shaped Power Link with its GTX 1080 Classified graphics card, but it will be available separately.


EVGA SLI HB Bridge 2 EVGA SLI HB Bridge 3

Next is new EVGA SLI HB Bridge, as NVIDIA announced its new HB SLI bridge, all companies making their version of it. EVGA also showcased its SLI HB Bridges with RGB lights, which has a switch for different colors. There are three variant of bridges available, 1U (no gap between two 2-slot graphics cards), 2U (1-slot gap between two 2-slot graphics cards), and 3U (2-slot gap between two 2-slot graphics cards). You will need to use this new HB SLI bridges for 4K @ 60 Hz HDR, 4K @ 120 Hz, and 5K.