Exclusive packs of The Division’s has detailed on the Xbox Store

Ubisoft delayed to release the beta edition of The Division but the good news is the alpha has been quite successful on the Xbox One so far. Speaking of the Xbox One, The Division’s various editions have been detailed on the Xbox Store.


the divisions xbox one


The Division will launch with various editions also included with Gold Edition & Pre-Order Edition, but also we can expect the exclusive National Guard packs & Chemic. The Gold Edition of The Division will be included with the season pass which one will provide DLC & other goodies as Ubisoft releases them.

The Chemic Pack which one will be available on the Gold Edition and for them who pre-order the “Standard” version of the game. The Chemic Pack will be included with a P416 attack rifle with an altered skin, a unique look for your agent & an emergency backpack that increases your resistance to exotic damage