Fallout 4 Textures Mods Dramatically Change The Look Of The Game

After massive sales within few days after releasing the Fallout 4 what we see that graphics in Fallout 4 isn’t impressive even in PC version. User with high end high end rigs really disappointed with this visual experience, but here is a good news a new mod called Vivid Fallout claims to improve the visuals of Fallout 4.

Here is some sample image for comparison the mods visuals is quite stunning in some occasion but sometimes it really hard to notice. If you want to do some experiment with this new Realistic Lights add-on you can go through this page. This new mod changes the way to present light and shadow to add real like look.

If you really wanted to enhance the Fallout 4 visual experience be sure to install most popular mods from Nexusmods for Fallout 4.