Fallout 4’s Resurrection mod gives a green touch to apocalypse

If you bored seeing grass and treeless environment in Fallout 4, then you can try Resurrection mod, which turned wasteland into a greener world. I also make sense as in real life we have already seen wildlife already take over the radiated areas around Chernobyl in just a mere 30 years after the incident, in the game, it’s over 200.

You can see in the video how the mod changes the landscape and how its look, As for me its reminds me of Crysis 3. As of the now the Fallout 4: Resurrection mod in a beta stage. Hopefully, it will complete soon, and we can enjoy the full version of the mod.

Fallout 4's Resurrection mod 4 Fallout 4's Resurrection mod 3
Fallout 4's Resurrection mod 2 Fallout 4's Resurrection mod 1

If you want to try it now, you can found it here.