Fallout: The Frontier Official Onwards Trailer

Fallout: The Frontier trailer has been released, showcasing game mod sporting a 16km x 16km map, a unique dynamic weather system and a large number of unique quests.

The mod still in development and has no clear release date, although the mod’s dedicated web page states that the mod is currently around 74% complete. The mod will feature large war zones where the New California Republic and the Legion are constantly fighting for supremacy, with players being required to make some difficult moral decisions to survive in this hostile environment. The mod also has some unique effects like spreading fire, some destructible items, new animal life and additional weather and special effects.


To play this mod gamer will require owning a copy of Fallout: New Vegas as well as all of the game’s DLC, with players being able to play the mod as their existing Fallout: New Vegas characters.