Far Cry Primal’s upcoming update adds 4K textures, Survival Mode for the PC

Ubisoft just reveals details about its upcoming free update for Far Cry Primal. This update will add new Survival Mode and 4K textures to the PC version of the game. The update will be available on April 12.

Ubisoft explains the new Survival Mode as: “The biggest such option is the addition of permadeath. If you felt the stakes weren’t high enough before, you can now turn on full permadeath, which means your game is over the first time you die (except in vision missions, which aren’t “real”). If that seems too abrupt, there’s also a second-chance option that gives you one backup life, which is then replenished at certain completion points”.

“Permadeath is only the beginning. Survivor mode adds a stamina gauge, making protagonist Takkar slower and weaker when it runs out, and forcing him to sleep in order to replenish it”, continues Ubisoft. Finishing off Survival Mode, the developer adds: “The minimap is now turned off by default, pushing you to pay more attention to your surroundings, and the fog of war has been strengthened, lessening the amount of the map you reveal as you explore. You’ll encounter humans and animals less often as you explore, which means hunting takes a little more patience. Even fast travel is a little tougher, as it now consumes stamina and food”.