Features you get in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft used their Internet Explorer web browser for their OS, but this time it’s changed. Microsoft launched their new version of OS Windows 10 with some really eye catching visual treatment as well as performance improvements, but this time they introduced Microsoft Edge as their default web browser that doesn’t mean that IE is dead. Today we are going to take a look on What’s Edge offer over the IE.

Microsft Edge uses some same features like IE, It has same tabs, private browsing and Bing is their default search engine. But the Edge browser looks more sleek and futuristic.

Cortana Embedded


Remember Cortana Microsoft’s first digital assistant (also called Siri Killer) after launchig the Win 10 Microsoft includes Cortana in the OS and also embedded it into the Microsoft Edge. All you have to do select what you like to search in Edge browser, right click on it and select “Ask Cortana” the information will slide on the right side of the panel. When you visit a website of a resturant a circle icon appears at the end of the url clicking that circle pulls in the side panel with info from Cortana (via Bing) such as directions, reviews and a shortcut to call and make a reservation.

Reading Mode

read mode

Are you just love to read but the annoying ads disturbing you, there is a reading mode on Edge. This feature is similar to the Firefox, Safari, IE 11 it can gets rid of distracting links and images so you can enjoy the reading.

Web Note

web note

Want to share something in the webpage by highlighting it, Edge has the ability to make the webpage as a canvas you can highlight the section you want export it as a image and share it with your friend. To do this action you have to click on the “Make A Web Note” option on the Edge’s navigational bar.



With this built in feature you can share the web page with your friend, all you have to do click on the share button on the navigational bar, Edge will pull of the installed apps which works with the share feature, Such as Facebook Twitter and Mail.

First Page



In Edge when you open a new window or a tab it wil show you the top sites, with a personalized news feed and there is also “Where to next?” bar so you can immediately type your query and go.


We all like extension which gives us quick access, n IE there are just 30 ads-ons on the browser but with Edge all might change. Microsoft announced that Edge will not only supports own extensions, but also compatible with extension from Chrome and Firefox. The current version of Edge dosen’t features this but it will available in the fall.