First Details on AMDs Upcoming Vega10, Vega20 and Vega11

Finally, we have some information on AMD’s upcoming “Vega” GPUs. The “Vega” architecture lineup will begin with the Vega 10, a higher-performance segment GPU designed to compete against NVIDIA’s high-end lineup, with a performance positioning somewhere between the GP104 and GP102.


The Vega 10 (RX 490?) is based on 14nm GFX9 architecture and expected to has 64 Compute Units endowed with 4,096 stream processors, with up to 24 TFLOP/s 16-bit (half-precision) floating point performance. It will feature 8-16 GB of HBM2 memory with up to 512 GB/s memory bandwidth. AMD is looking at typical board power (TBP) ratings around 225W.

There also some details about another new chip “Vega 20.” Which is a new GPU is surfaced for the first time today, and it’s likely come way later than Vega 10. “Vega 20” will be a die-shrink of Vega 10’s GFX9 architecture to the 7 nm, which is being developed by GlobalFoundries. It will feature 4,096 stream processors, too, but with much higher clocks speeds and lower TDP of 150W (compear to Vega 10’s 225W). The Vega 10 also expected to have up to 32 GB of HBM2 memory running full-cylinders at 1 TB/s, PCI-Express Gen 4.0 bus support.

Also, AMD planning to bring The “Vega 11” GPUs for a mid-range chip designed to replace current “Polaris 10”. The Vega 11 will offer slightly higher performance and much better performance/Watt than current Polaris GPUs. AMD will hold the Vega GPUs until they roll out the “Navi” architecture scheduled in 2019. Also, AMD might bring a dual-GPU “Vega” product featuring a pair of Vega 10 GPUs.