A First Person Mod for the Witcher 3, a work in progress!

The modder Skacikpl is working in a First Person mod for The Witcher 3, permitting gamers to totally change the way they are able to view the beautiful environment of the Witcher 3 in a complete new way.

At this time this mod is definitely a work in progress, but skacikpl has recently released several video tutorials showcasing the overall game from a first person point of view, including in-game combat.

At this time the first person video camera is attached to the top of Geralt directly, making camera motion jerky and incredibly hard to work with. The mod also offers other issues like things disappearing when too near the camera and obvious shuttering on Geralt’s human body when the overall game is operating at below 60FPS.

The modder has explained that he will not release the mod until it is working as intended, and therefore this mod may hardly ever release to the general public.

This mod provides us an extremely interesting new check out the globe of The Witcher 3, one which we quite definitely desire to see more of later on. Let’s pray that the attempts of Skacikpl will be fruitful and that mod does ultimately get released.