FSP announce new Hydro PTM+ liquid cooled PSU

Today FSP has announced their Hydro PTM+ series of power supplies which feature liquid cooling, thanks to water blocks that co-designed by Bitspower. The Hydro PTM+ series come with 80+ Platinum grade efficiency and available in power ratings of 1200W to 1400W with fully silent operation till 600W load. The PSU also feature LED lighting.

While even ultra-enthusiast systems builders will consider it crazy to water cool a PSU, but there will no doubt be those that are excited to liquid cool more parts inside their PCs. While water cooling a PSU is a dangerous proposition, but there is certainly a benefit to be had if PSU is running under high load on an ultra-high-end system with tons of things to power at same time.

This new PSU design will certainly not be for everyone, though is an exciting new product and surely lots of people will be interested in it. At this time FSP didn’t announce any pricing, though this will likely be revealed at Computex.