Futuremark Release 3DMARK Time Spy DirectX 12 Benchmarks Trailer

Futuremark’s 3DMARK is one of the most popular and widely used PC performance benchmarks. With new DirectX 12 now available, Futuremark steps up to create a benchmark that fairly represent and compare a wide range of hardware on DirectX 12 API, giving gamers and hardware enthusiasts a perfect tool to compare their system and quickly judge their performance gains while overclocking.

Time Spy is built from the ground up to uses of DirectX 12 API, with Multi-GPU, Asynchronous Compute, and the heavy Multi-threading support. Time Spy basic edition will come free to all current owners of 3DMARK, and the full version will available as a DLC/add-on.

Time Spy is a new DirectX 12 benchmark test, coming soon to all Windows editions of 3DMark. Get a glimpse of gaming’s future while revisiting classic 3DMark scenes from the past. How many can you spot in the trailer?

The music is an original composition by Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen from the band Poets of the Fall.

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