GALAX HOF II DDR4 16GB 4000MHz Review

Benchmark and Conclusion

As you can see performance of HOF II RAM is superb, the RAM already comes with a 4000MHz but if you have an appropriate CPU that can handle these speed than you can push it even farther. With Ryzen 2700 we are limited speed due to CPU support but with Intel, we manage to run at 4000MHz though stability was not there, though it’s not the fault of the RAMs it’s our CPU that can’t handle that speed. As for Intel with our Core i7 9700K we did manage to run it at 4000MHz but it not stables enough for daily use, which may make you think what’s the point for this ram? Basically, it’s not for masses and more for people who want to run things at the edge and LN2 overclockers who love speed and performance above anything else. The high price and lack of proper ARGB lighting support will disappoint average gamers and users but for people who only care for the performance, Galax HOF II is a fantastic memory kit that gives you the guarantee that you are getting the best cherry picked memory chip that can perform at extreme levels. We are giving our Performance Award to GALAX HOF II Ram.

GALAX HOF II DDR4 16GB 4000MHz Review
9.1 / 10 Overall
  • Great design and Build quality
  • Superior performance
  • White color looks gorgeous
  • Samsung B-DIE DRAM IC
  • Cons
  • Only 7 color RGB lighting is outdated
  • No software controls support to customize LED lighting
  • Premium pricing
  • Build Quality10