Geekbench scores for Intel’s upcoming 32-core Skylake-EP CPU

Geekbench scores have confirmed the existence of Intel’s upcoming 32-core Skylake-EP CPU, which is said to be clocked at 2.3GHz and offer support for 6-channel memory.

According to rumors, the new Intel’s Skylake-EP will come with 32-core 64 threads with 6-channel memory and Intel’s new Purley platform. The Purley platform will support AXV 512 instructions, and a new 100G Omni-Path interconnects, enabling servers with up to 8 CPU sockets.


As we can see, in Geekbench this new Intel CPU can achieve a score of up to around 4000 points with multi-cire scores of up to around 52000 points, marking this CPU as a real performer. Guru3D states that this CPU has a base clock speed of 2.1GHz, but that every core is boosting to at least 2.3. These benchmarks were conducted by Google, who are known to be an early test partner for Intel’s new AVX 512 ready Xeon platforms, making these results as legitimate as they can get.


In the picture you can see an Intel Broadwell-E CPU beside Intel’s new LGA 3647 socket, showcasing the socket’s massive increase in size compared to LGA 2011-V3 as well as the socket’s hex-channel memory system.