GeIL Announced the EVO-X Series Memory with RGB HILM Technology

GeIL announced all new DDR4 EVO X Hardcore Gaming Memory with GeIL’s latest innovation of HILM – Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module enabling dynamic RGB LED illumination. The EVO X Series not only excels from the Super Luce Series aesthetically, but the technological breakthrough in high-performance memory illumination also transcends even further.

GeIL EVO-X Series Memory

HILM – Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module (Figure A) uses LEDs, microprocessor, circuits, switch, and dual-power-source, that separating the lighting solution and circuitry from the memory module. Thus, allowing high-performance DDR4 memory to get full power to perform at its full potential.

GeIL EVO-X Series Memory 1

The EVO X memory module with HILM, when looking from the back side the power jack on the left (Figure B) is designed for the 12V RGB power cable from applicable motherboards. Once connected, the RGB LED on EVO X can be programmed via motherboards’ RGB UI applications, making the RGB illumination on EVO X in-sync with the motherboard and other applicable components.

GeIL EVO-X Series Memory 2

Illumination Modes Sliding Hot Switch

The EVO X memory module with HILM, when looking from the back side, the power jack on the right (Figure C) is designed for the 9V/12V fan power from motherboards. Once connected, four different RGB LED breathing illuminating modes can be selected via the Sliding Hot Switch (Figure C). The four breathing illumination modes are red, green, blue and RGB cycle.

GeIL is going release more information on EVO X and HILM during Computex 2016.