Ghost: Sniper Warrior 3 will not support DX12

WCCFTech recently interviewed developer CI Games, where they were questioned about the graphics engine of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, where they said they were “using a customized version of the CryEngine and do not plan to use the voxel-based GI solution”. Check out the full interview down below:


Are you using CryEngine V to develop this game? Do you plan to use the engine’s voxel-based Global Illumination solution?

We are using a customized version of the CryEngine and do not plan to use the voxel-based GI solution.

What resolution and frame rate are your targeting for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game?

PS4: 1080p@30fps

XBONE: 900p@30fps

What do you think of PlayStation 4 Pro and which enhancements are you planning for this version? Is the Pro console powerful enough to deliver 4K gaming?

We are very excited about the possibilities of the PS4 Pro and definitely plan to explore some of the features to deliver a unique experience to the Pro owners, without being unfair towards the PS4 players.

The PS4 Pro is built to sport 4K gaming and our insights so far prove the power of this technology.

We are already looking forward to take all the technological advantages offered by the PS4 Pro into our development of our future games.

With more and more games getting HDR support, do you intend to add this new technology to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3? If so, on which platforms?

We are planning to offer HDR support for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Are you going to support multiGPU configurations at launch on PC? What about DirectX 12?

Yes, we will support multiGPU configs at launch. But due to technical reasons, we will not support DX12.