GIGABYTE announced the GeForce GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming

GIGABYTE today announced its GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming (GV-N1060XTREME-6GD). The GTX 1060 Xtreme is based on the 6 GB variant, with 1,280 CUDA cores. The card will come with factory-overclocked speeds of up to 1645 MHz core and 1873 MHz GPU Boost in OC mode, and 8316 MHz (GDDR5-effective) overclocked memory. The GTX 1060 Xtreme uses a custom PCB with Gigabytes custom cooling solution for better overclock and temperature.

GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming 1GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming 2

The cooling solution is a new-generation WindForce 2X Xtreme Gaming, which is a 3-slot cooler, and features a twin-stack aluminium-fin heatsink with three 8 mm-thick copper heat pipes that draw heat directly from the GPU, and cool by a pair of 100 mm fans which rotate in opposite directions to each other for less turbulence. These fans didn’t spin when the GPU is idling. The cooler also has RGB LED lighting on an X-shaped ornament on the cooler shroud. The card is powered by a single 8-pin PCIe power connector and feature three DP 1.4, one HDMI 2.0b and one dual-link DVI. Right now GIGABYTE didn’t reveal pricing for this card.

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