GIGABYTE Announces XEON-W Motherboards based on Intel’s ‘Basin Falls’

GIGABYTE today announced its latest motherboard based on Intel’s ‘Basin Falls’ architecture and targeted at workstation use cases. With this new architecture, GIGABYTE brings Intel’s Skylake architecture to the SOHO segment with a new offering: the ‘Basin Falls’ single-socket platform for workstations. This new build offers a wealth of I/O options, including multiple PCIe lanes to support graphics, storage and USB options, as well as direct SATA and USB ports.

GIGABYTE’s new Xeon ‘Skylake-W’-based motherboard utilizes the full complement of 48x PCIe lanes direct from the CPU to support up to 4 x GPU dual-slot cards or multiple x8 and x16 add-on cards. In addition, GIGABYTE’s engineers have designed densely-packed SATA and USB options, based on direct and PCIe connections from the chipset, leading to a massively flexible workstation board.

Rich I/O Options
Intel’s new generation Xeon ‘Skylake-W’ is a single-socket CPU that provides 48 PCIe lanes from the CPU and 16 further PCIe lanes from the chipset. GIGABYTE has utilized these to create a feature rich board delivering a real punch in graphics and multiple connectivity through add-on card sockets.

Multiple Storage And Connectivity Options
This board boasts 8x USB 3.0 ports, plus 2x USB 3.1 (Type ‘A’ and Type ‘C’), integrated on the rear of the board with the dual 1G ethernet ports. In addition, GIGABYTE has designed-in 10 SATA ports, supported by Intel’s software-based RAID on chip. The board is also complemented with a VROC port to enable RAID for NVMe storage on board.

GIGABYTE has applied decades of motherboard design experience, and adherence to enterprise-level component and testing quality to develop this optimized solution for the workstation market.
“GIGABYTE is well equipped to provide flexible, high-quality solutions to all segments of the motherboard market”, said Etay Lee, GM, GIGABYTE. “With a wealth of experience in from consumer boards right up to cloud and HPC deployments, and this new platform from Intel, GIGABYTE is well placed to address the specific needs of workstation users..

This motherboard is GIGABYTE’s initial offering on Intel’s latest ‘Basin Falls’ Skylake-W platform.
See the link below for more information and stay tuned at and our social media channels (below) for new releases based on this architecture!