Gigabyte showcase three upcoming X99 motherboards with updated features and new aesthetic

Gigabyte showcase three upcoming X99 motherboards at PAX East, offering support for Intel’s upcoming Broadwell-E platform with M.2 and U.2 SSD support. The new boards feature a brand new aesthetic similar to current Z170 motherboards, with G1 series offering a red and white colour scheme and Ultra Durable series with a blue and white colour scheme.

GA-X99-Designare EX 1

The first one is Gigabyte’s GA-X99-Designare EX, which is a new model from Gigabyte that is designed to offer more storage connection options and a total of 5 full-length PCI-e slots. The first second and fourth PCIe slots will operate at x16 speeds while the third slot will work at x4 and the fifth will work at x8 speeds.

GA-X99-Designare EX

For storage connectivity wise the GA-X99-Designare EX will feature a large number of SATA ports, SATA Express support and two U.2 connections for NVMe storage.


Next is the Gigabyte X99 Phoenix SLI G1, which is a lot of similar to the Designare EX, but focus on the gaming side of things, first switched colour scheme to orange and white. The board supports a full-length M.2 slot and a shot-length M.2 slot. As the picture shows, this motherboard has a built in M.2 wireless card and supports a lot of SATA storage devices with single U.2 SSD connection.

Gigabyte X99 Phoenix SLI G1

Moving onto the Gigabyte GA-X99 Ultra Gaming motherboard we can see that it is very similar to the GA-X99 Pheonix, but with a red and white colour scheme, but has full black PCIe and DDR4 memory slots.

Gigabyte GA-X99 Ultra Gaming

Gigabyte GA-X99 Ultra Gaming 1

While there are not many differences between existing X99 motherboards and the new motherboards, but they do offer updated storage options that bring buy Intel’s newer Z170 platform.