GIGABYTE Showcased AORUS GeForce GTX1080 at CES 2017

At CES 2017, Gigabyte has unveiled their AORUS series motherboard alongside a new AORUS GPU model which is almost identical to GTX1080 XTREME GAMING. Just like XTREME GAMING card, It’s had Gigabytes three 100mm fans, stacked to provide better airflow to increase the cooling performance.

From the front it hard to say if there are any differences other than a logo change, but in the back, AORUS has a new backplate, the back of the GPU chip area covered by copper and on the left side an AORUS logo which light-up and has RGB color.

AORUS is Gigabyte’s new premium brand. It’s unclear if AORUS will replace XTREME GAMING, but both series to similar to coexist.