Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming motherboards leaked

We already know Intel’s X299 platform is coming and manufacturers are teasing their board for some time now. Though we have our first leaks images of an X299 motherboard, these boards are Gigabyte’s X299 Aorus Gaming series of motherboards, coming with plenty of new features and an insane number of M.2 slots.


As you can see at the X299 Aorus Gaming 9, Gigabyte has gone crazy with RGB lighting, including RGB illuminated RAM slots, PCIe slots, heatsinks, IO covers and even an RGB illuminated rear IO. This makes this board having the most number of RGB elements till now. Though we hope that end users have the ability to disable some of these LED at will if they desire something stealthier.

We also can see that Intel X299 socket is a similar size to their older X99 socket, which makes sense given the fact that they support the same cooler mounting solutions. Another noticeable thing is X299 still supports 4-channel DDR4 memory, with three M.2 slots, all of which support large M.2 heatsinks.

The second board is the Aorus Gaming 7, which offers similar features as the Gaming 9 but lacks RGB illumination on IO, lacks M.2 coolers for the top two M.2 slots and fewer PCIe slot. We can also see new updated audio section.

The third one is the Aorus Gaming 3, which have less reinforced PCIe slots and no RGB LEDs between this motherboard’s RAM slots and the lacks third M.2 slot which is present under the chipset heatsink on Gigabyte’s Gaming 7 and 9 motherboards.

Intel’s X299 platform with first i9 series CPUs is expected to launch at Computex, which starting from May 30th. We are expecting to Gigabyte showcase these new motherboards at Computex.