Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1080 and G1 Gaming GTX 1080 in detail at Computex 2016

Gigabyte already announced its two custom GTX 1080s, and we see the quite a few time now check them in Gigabyte booth at Computex 2016.


The G1 Gaming GTX 1080 already launched and should available in coming month. The G1 Gaming GTX 1080 has Gigabyte own three fan custom cooler and comes with a factory overclock of 1,721MHz base/ boost clock of 1,860MHz in OC mode and 1835 MHz boost /Base 1695 MHz in Gaming mode.

G1_Gaming_GTX_1080 G1_Gaming_GTX_1080_backplate

The card powered by single 8pin. The G1 Gaming GTX 1080 also has a nice looking backplate and RGB lights on the side in GIGABYTE logo.

Xtreme_Gaming_GTX_1080 Xtreme_Gaming_GTX_1080_8pin_6pin Xtreme_Gaming_GTX_1080_backplate

The Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1080 is company’s flagship card with all features like full custom PCB with much larger cooler than G1 variant with larger fans. The card is powered by dual 8pin which indicates it will be more than enough power for this GPU. The Cooler of Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1080 has a very different design than typical Gigabyte coolers; the Cooler has a much bigger heat sink with three large fans. The middle fan is inverted in the cooler. The cooler also features RGB LED with X shape in the middle fan and the side XTREME GAMING logo.

Xtreme_Gaming_GTX_1080_VR_Link Xtreme_Gaming_GTX_1080_ports

Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1080 is meant to use with VR, so Gigabyte added two internal HDMI for VR and at the back card also has two HDMI couple with a pair of Display Port and DVI-D connector. No information about the release date of the card has announced.