Google to launch 2nd Gen. Chromecast

Google to launch 2nd Gen. Chromecast and is rumored it may be announced next month. Although google has announced a lot of big products in the past, from high-end Google Glass to the low-end, as well as innovations such as the modular smartphone Ara. Anyway the Chromecast was one of successful pieces of product and now it is set for a new generation with rumors spreading stating that the next version to be announced next month.


To those who don’t know what Chromecast is then, here is small information of the product. Chromecast is a small dongle and from the looks of it, which you would expect not much, but the small device packed a big punch and was in many was a forerunner to the generation of home media streaming. Chromecast is featured with streaming Twitch and a whole host of apps, including TV shows. By Adding Chromecast any Television can be converted into streaming device for pictures, movies and online content due to which it became popular.

Google to launch 2nd Gen. Chromecast

It seems that the next generation looks to improve on this according to files found by 9to5 Google. The documents indicate that not only will the next version contain improved Wi-Fi for connecting in a quick and simple way. Also, the new Chromecast seems to also support something titled Chromecast Audio, a system where you can connect Chromecast to your speakers by auxiliary cord and with multi-room support providing “high-quality” sound, the new Chromecast could see you streaming your party music throughout your  house.

Still this there are more feature to be expected from the 2nd Gen. Chromecast. Stay tuned with us for more information.