GoPro’s Omni VR camera is now available for pre-order, costs $5000

GoPro has star taking pre-orders of its Omni camera, the company’s first foray into consumer VR cameras, at a cost of $5000.

GoPro's Omni VR camera

The GoPro Omni has 6 x GoPro Hero4 Black Edition cameras, which synched together to create a 360° video, optimize for VR Headset. Omni will perfect for capturing video for shearing in YouTube. Google, already using YouTube to deliver VR content to the masses over the last year or two.

GoPro Omni features capability to shooting 7K in the 4:3 aspect ratio (7940×3970 at 30FPS or 25FPS). Omni also can shoot at 5338×2819 at 60FPS or 50FPS. The price not cheap but considering it has 6 GoPro Hero4 Black Edition cameras so it’s not too bad.