GTA 5 can be played on VR with the HTC VIVE

VR gaming way more enjoyable if you can pair it with one of best open world game GTA V, and there is one modder called Downsider, who has created a mod for GTA V that allows him to play the game on his HTC Vive, rendering the game in first-person and using his Vive controller as a gun. This allows the game to be played with motion tracked controls, like a player, can duck and shoot from behind cover with ease.

The Mod, currently called “GTA V-ive”, is still in development, but this kind of mods gives a fascinating view into the games like GTA in full 360° VR environment.


The mod far from completion and lots of things need to address before it can give a better experience. As of now the movement in the game can only done, by moving around your room manually and using a secondary function on your weapon to shoot and teleport to a defined location. The movement is one of the biggest challenge for a lot of VR games, as with or without physical movement can cause discomfort for some VR users.