Halo Wars 2 Open Beta Screenshots and beta release date

According to a leaked listing on the Xbox Live Storefront Halo Wars, 2’s Open Beta will begin on June 13th and end on June 20th, though we don’t know beta will be available for Windows 10.

Halo Wars 2 beta

The developers of the game have already confirmed that the game will have a fully playable demo at E3. It is expected that this multiplayer beta will be announced at E3, with feedback from the beta implement on the final game.

As a Microsoft published title, the game, it’s likely to use DirectX 12 API and could come to PC as a Windows Store Exclusive.

The developer Creative Assembly, who is behind the Total War Series and Alien Isolation, one of the most capable strategy game with 3rd party IP. So we have high expectation for Halo Wars 2.

There also some leaked screenshots Halo Wars 2, the screenshots are in 1080p with some great visuals. Check them down below:

Halo Wars 2 10 Halo Wars 2 9 Halo Wars 2 8 Halo Wars 2 7 Halo Wars 2 6 Halo Wars 2 5 Halo Wars 2 4 Halo Wars 2 3 Halo Wars 2 2 Halo Wars 2 1