HBM3 and GDDR6 details revealed

HBM3 and GDDR6 have been described at Hot Chips 28, revealing much higher bandwidth, decreased power consumption and increased capacities.

HBM3 and GDDR6

According to Samsung’s presentation GDDR6 is set to release in around 2018 and offer bandwidth of 15Gbps, compared current to GDDR5X’s 10Gbps. Combine this with decreased power consumption and GDDR6 looks like a very attractive offering.


As many people think that HBM2 and other high-bandwidth memory standards will replace GDDR memory in near future, but we must remember that HBM still in its early stage and very expensive to produce and design. So it still needs a long time to overcome this issues before they can be used on more affordable GPUs.
HBM3 1

Right now HBM is planned for several markets, HPC and server where large banks of high bandwidth memory are desirable, Networking and Graphics where the memories low latency and high bandwidth/capacities can be easily utilised and Client computing where HBM’s space saving and power saving characteristics could greatly benefit system integrators.

HBM3 2

HBM Gen 3 is expected to release in around 2019/2020 with a bandwidth that is at least 2x higher than HBM2 and doubles the capacity per chip, with similar or lower power consumption than HBM2.


This will make HBM3 very attractive for the HPC and server markets, as it will allow HBM to offer capacities which can rival that of large DDR4 memory banks today and at the same time offer power savings and increased bandwidth.


Right now HBM2 power GPUs are expected to come in early 2017.