HBT+ Launches Gravity 6 Aluminum Made Hi-End Gaming PC Case

With the spirit of polishing a supercar, HBT+ designers and engineers took a year to finally craft the Gravity 6— an environmental chassis system born for hardware enthusiasts and gamers. Aiming to meet the maximum need of hardcore gamers, current Gravity 6 emerged as the best from numerous candidate concepts and endless design discussions. From outer appearance to internal details, every inch of the chassis has been carried to extremes.


Simplicity represents a kind of taste. Inspired by aircraft aerodynamics and mechanics, Gravity 6 is consist of the most simple and powerful geometry elements which make it exquisite and elegant, low-key and steady. All aluminum alloy appearance together with the unconventional linearity design have created a new combination of geometry concept, leading users into a new era of PC case 4.0.


Up to nine HDD sockets which can be adjusted freely according to DIY water-cooler position maximize the capacity and flexibility. So many hard drive cradles design cannot only meet users’ more hard disks needs, but also increases internal space efficiency. Besides, each 3.5″ HDD brackets are compatible with 2.5″ SSD. Thanks to the exclusive mechanical design and shocking-proof rubber pad, the sockets won’t be get loose even in transit.


Main intake venting is equipped with exclusively designed magnetic dust filters. These filters are made from permeably material in high density, which does not affect the inhale capacity at all, but easy to clean. Thanks to the architecture improvement, the chassis inside layout is more optimized. No cable stuck since a 32mm area is left on the motherboard back panel bracket; movable Velcro straps plus the retaining strip and buckle combination make your chassis tidy and clean, also leaving more abundant space for motherboard, graphics and other key components.


Double 360 mm water coolers can be installed simultaneously to ensure maximum cooling efficiency; Different size reservoir fixing ports are reserved; The unique water pump design ensures the most efficient liquid circulation through the entire PC platform, simultaneously, the noise is kept on a low level General water pump ports guarantee the compatibility, last but not least, all reservoir and water pump positions can be arranged according to personal preferences. So be your own DIY master.

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