Hollywood wants to rent movies 2 weeks after they hit cinemas

We all knows Hollywood makes billions of dollars within a year by a handful of movies, but what’s going to be happen when massive releases were thrown onto the market two weeks after they debut at cinemas?

According to sources of Bloomberg,  Hollywood studios are working on new plans that would see rentals of their new movies released two weeks after they hit cinemas. Bloomberg’s sources said the rentals would be quite expensive, priced somewhere between 25$ and 50$ USD, but if you want to watch a new movie with friends or family members then it would exceed that price easily.


During an investor conference on this week Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara said that he has plans for a new home movie plan, and that he and his studio are ready for premium rentals. Tsujihara Said: “We’re working with them to try and create a new window. But regardless of whether it happens or not – whether we are able to reach that agreement with them, we have to offer consumers more choices earlier”.

Bloomberg also noted that movie theaters won’t like the idea, but when previously consulted, movie theaters were open to the idea as long as they were compensated for potential revenue loss of moviegoers that skipped the cinema in favor of watching movies at home.