Hoverboard New Intuitive Way To Transportation

Hoverboard Technologies created a new one wheeled, gyro-stabilized personal electric vehicle that feels like you’re hovering. This Hoverboard uses ground contacting sonar to float the rider over every contour.


The things that made this Hoverboard special are it is a Tesla, compressed down to scooter-size. They have designed the components that deliver the most power comparable to any Personal Electric Vehicle unprecedented Range/Weight, Power/Weight and Power/Volume ratios.

Intuitive Controls Tilt forward to accelerate, tilt back to brake or go the other way.

hoverboard (1)

The Hoverboard is designed to personalized, as the users like of hoverboard experience but less only things related to safety. If your hoverboard gets lost or stolen, report it to the hoverboard technologies they will make sure no thief get any benefit with that.

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The Hoverbaord is future proofed when the next generation comes out user can easily upgrade their parts on their own. The Hoverboard is so easy to take apart so user can easily service their hoverboard they don’t have to send it back to the company. Not only user can maintain their own hoverboard they easily improve it by custom programming or installing new improve batteries.

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Users can easily control their hoverboard by the app they can

  • Activate your Hoverboard
  • Check charge level and battery health
  • Set Speed Limit (for each setup user)
  • Lock your Hoverboard
  • Log riding data, max-speed, avg-speed, distance traveled, etc.
  • Protect your Hoverboard from theft
  • Customize the lighting