How to fix Far Cry: Primal’s Error 88500014

There are many gamers can’t play can’t play Far Cry: Primal on PC, because of Error 88500014. After paying $60 on a brand new game, downloading the entire 20+ GB, gamers are mad about this error and giving negative reviews and complaints.

Far Cry Primal (4)

But, Ubisoft has delivered a fix. Error 88500014 is caused by a firewall that’s blocking the connection between your PC to Ubisoft’s online servers. Far Cry: Primal requires a “one-time activation” across the publisher’s online service, and if players can’t pass this authentication, then they’re locked out.

Ubisoft answer:

You receive this error because your firewall is blocking the connection. The connection with the server is needed for a one time online activation only.

If the game cannot establish an online connection, please ensure that your firewall does not block outgoing TCP connections from FCPrimal.exe, UbisoftGameLauncher64.exe and UplayService.exe

If you need any help doing this, you can check your firewall manufacturer’s website:





Once you’ve followed these steps, if you’re still encountering problems, please contact our Technical Support Team HERE[]. Please be sure to provide as much information about your issue, including details on what firewall you’re currently using.