How To Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update

Microsoft launched their new OS Windows 10 like it or hate this new Windows visual appearance is fantastic, but not only the visual experience The Win 10 will support DirectX 12 which is much awaited thing for the gamers all around the world.

Despite of some of the cool features Microsoft also disable the option of choosing automatic update for the OS, which mean you can’t chose whether you want to update or not by default its “allow automatic update”. For some people its good because the don’t have to think about it. It will automatic update the OS when it’s available, but for some its really annoying because if you use NVidia’s SLI or AMD’s Crossfire the automatic update will ruin your NVidia or AMD driver which put some glitch on the performance. By disabling NVidia or AMD’s driver it will solve the problem but some of us will not wanted to use that.

So, if you want to disable the windows update follow the step below.

  1. First of all open Run by pressing “Windows” and “R” button together
  2. Type gpedit.msc in the run box and click ok
  3. Open the Computer configuration, Then Administrative Templates, Then Windows Components, Then Windows update and at last Configure Automatic Updates.
  4. In Configure Automatic Updates window select on Disabled, then Ok
  5. After that open Command Prompt type gpupdate and hit enter, wait for the massages to appear.”Computer Policy update has completed successfully.””User Policy update has completed successfully.”and its done.
GP EDitgpupdate