HP Socket AM4 A320 Chipset OEM Motherboard Pictured showing square style cooler mounting

HP’s AM4 320 Chipset OEM motherboard spotted, revealing the first AM4 motherboard up close. The HP “Willow” is a micro-ATX motherboard custom-designed by the company for several of its upcoming desktop PC models, offered initially with AMD A-series “Bristol Ridge” socket AM4 APUs. The board, its self is pretty basic, featuring AMD A320 chipset. The interesting this is the square bolt-type cooler retention, which is similar to Intel cooler mounts. We are not sure that is the rectangular layout or not, but a square layout will have its advantages as it will allow orienting the cooler in any direction.


Since the core-logic is moved to the APU/CPU package, the remaining rump of what AMD refers to as “chipset,” is just a PCIe multi-function chip that puts out additional SATA and USB ports. With its TDP under 5W, this chip can make do without a heatsink. Other noteworthy features include two DDR4 DIMM slots, a PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 slot, a short M.2 slot, a couple of SATA 6 Gb/s ports, and basic connectivity.