HTC invests $100 million on Vive X accelerator platform

HTC already a big player in VR world with its Vive headset, and now the company holding a conference to talk about the planned ecosystem for its Vive headset.
HTC Vive X

HTC revealed a slew of new VR experiences which is on their way to the Vive. HTC announcing a new Accelerator Program known as Vive X. HTC will invest $100 million into Vive X, so that it will “cultivate the VR industry and the development of the ecological business”.

The CEO of HTC Cher Wang has said that the Accelerator Program will launch in three cities: Beijing, Taipei and San Francisco, but don’t provide anything specific locations, timelines or development studios. The company did say the program will be base-level administration, something that will include accounting, finance, HR and legal advice, and more for VR developers.

The HTC Vive X program will provide access to experienced VR developers and VCs that are looking to invest into startups, but nothing concrete has been announced.