Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2, offering Dead Island, Risen and Saint’s Row series

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2 has started, with a lot of great games for few dollars prices.  Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2

On the first bundle buyers will be able to get Sacred 3 Gold, Risen, Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition, Saint’s Row 2 and Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for just $1.

On the second bundle, include all of the first tier games alongside Dead Island Riptide, Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition, Saint’s Row The Third – The Full Package and 75% off Dead Island Definitive Edition on the Humble store.  Just for $3.56.

At the third and final bundle will include all the games from the previous bundles and Risen 3 Titan Lords and Saint’s Row IV for $13.

You can check the Humble bundle here.