Indie Developers Shine in NVIDIA DXR Spotlight Contest and a New Rec Spec and Screenshots for ‘Control’

Indie Developers Shine in NVIDIA DXR Spotlight Contest

For the last several months NVIDIA, Epic and Microsoft have been running the DXR Spotlight contest, which culminated today with the announcement of a trio of winners.

The DXR Spotlight contest, an offshoot of the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program, invited game developers and content creators to build tech demos using Unreal Engine 4.22, Microsoft DirectX 12 and DirectX Raytracing and any combination of real-time ray-traced reflections, shadows and global illumination.

Game publishers are using real-time ray tracing for their biggest game franchises and AAA games. But the quality of the entries in this contest illustrates that anyone, big or small can master the art of real-time ray tracing.

The contest drew dozens of entries and today we announced the three winners of the contest:

  • Christian Hecht with Attack from Outer Space
    • Attack from Outer Space recreates the look of classic 1950s sci-fi films by using ray-traced reflections, shadows and ambient illumination — all in real time — to deliver a truly nostalgic feel to this giant robot invasion.

  • Opus Visual with LP Trailer
    • LP Trailer allows you to drive your big rig around a truck yard and uses ray-traced reflections and ambient occlusion to deliver life-like lighting.

  • Alden Fillion with Diode
    • Diode lets you infiltrate a castle with a futuristic knight battling the forces of evil. The demo uses real-time ray-traced reflections to achieve stunning results.

The three winners each take home an NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU.

Real-time ray tracing is changing the way games are created and dramatically increases the image quality they can achieve. Ray tracing is built upon a robust ecosystem that includes industry standard application programming interfaces (APIs), support in an array of popular and private game engines, and all the development tools needed to succeed. NVIDIA is the driving force behind the ray tracing revolution and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs are the only GPUs capable of rendering games with real time ray tracing.

Control Gets Updated Rec Specs and Screenshots

Indie Developers Shine in NVIDIA DXR Spotlight Contest and a New Rec Spec and Screenshots for ‘Control’Control, which launches August 27 and is a GeForce RTX bundle title, released a new update to their recommended specifications. GeForce RTX 2060 will do the trick for ray tracing.