Inno3D revealed the iChill SLI-HB Bridge Made of CNC Milled Aluminium

Inno3D revealed the iChill SLI-HB bridge to go with its graphic cards. The new SLI-HB bridges will available in 3-slot width (1-slot gap between two 2-slot), a 60 mm gap between the SLI fingers. The bridge is built using a slick CNC-milled aluminium on top with diamond-cut edges, with an airflow guide that minimizes the bridge’s obstruction to intake/exhaust to the top graphics card.

ichill-sli-hb-bridge-1 ichill-sli-hb-bridge-2

Although there is no LED illumination built in, but you get a rich metal finish to compensate that. The bridge will be compatible with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and TITAN X Pascal. Inno3D didn’t reveal pricing or availability yet.