Intel Broadwell-E processors listed for pre-order before launch

Intel’s Broadwell-E processors still not officially here but NCIX have already listed it, available for pre-order, just ahead of the official release. But the prices which are listed, are actually higher than what maybe the actual MSRP to be once they release.

Intel Broadwell-E

The new Intel Broadwell-E processors will be compatible with the 2011 v3 socket with Intel’s X99 motherboards, though for that you need to require a BIOS update to support the new processors. As I expected the top-end 10 core i7-6950X should price higher than previous gen, but I don’t expect it to be $2349.98.

  • i7-6800K – $629.99
  • i7-6850K – $889.99
  • i7-6900K – $1495.99
  • i7-6950X – $2349.98