Intel Core i7 6700k Overclocked 5.2 GHz on Air


Intel Skylake next generation micro-architecture processor are set to launch in few weeks. Every one looking forward to see what Intel dome with new Core i7 6700k. Chinese site HKEP posted their preliminary test results about overclocking this new chips. What come up with is very interesting, they able to push processor Core i7 6700K, in 1.35V @ 5.2GHz CPUZ certification on air-cooling. HKEPC says in their description that they are able to Bootup 5GHz Windows and 5GHz Super Pi 32M Working voltage data for reference.
HKEPC acquired engineering samples of Intel Core i7-6700K processor is test ambient room temperature of about 24c with VID voltage is 1.205v. They used GELID The Black Edition Air Cooling and GEILD GC-Extreme Thermal Compound with use SlowMode into the operating system and start CPUZ After entering the home idle state, and ultimately successful at the voltage at 1.35v with a 5.2GHz core clock, and can be maintained for about 4-5 seconds, not for 24 X 7.
The results from HKEPC are promising and suggests the new mainstream flagship should be a significant boost in overclocking headroom and lower temp.