Intel Core i7-6850K Picture and benchmark revealed

Intel’s upcoming Core i7-6850K six-core processor details and benchmark reveal by OCN. The Core i7-6850K is based on the 14 nm “Broadwell-E” for the LGA2011v3 socket, just like the previous one this new chip also features six cores with 12 ledHyperThread, 15 MB of L3 cache, and a base clock speed of 3.60 GHz. Altho the i7-6850K has the same pin-map to “Haswell-E,” compatible with existing socket LGA2011v3 motherboards but it features a fiberglass substrate is slightly thinner (1.12 mm vs. 1.87 mm of “Haswell-E,”) with a thickerIHS (integrated heat spreader).

Core i7-6850K

Core i7-6850K 1 Core i7-6850K f
Core i7-5820K c Core i7-6850K c

The i7-6850K sample was tested with an ASRock X99 Extreme3 motherboard with BIOS: P3.30, 16 GB of quad-channel DDR4-2133 memory, and a GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card. They run both the Core i7-5820K processor and the Core i7-6850K same setup; the new chip was barely 1% faster at 3DMark FireStrike Extreme in its final score. However, its CPU-intensive Physics score was 14.9% higher. Moving on to the Cinebench R15, the Core i7-6850K gets a 10% higher score. In the single-core performance, test on SuperPi 32M, where the i7-6850K crunched through the test in 8m 27.854s, compared to 8m 38.866s by the i7-5820K.