Intel Core i7-7700K “Kaby Lake” Benchmark spotted on Reddit

Someone on Reddit has posted SiSoft SANDRA 2015 CPU tests with access to a Core i7-7700K “Kaby Lake” processor and an ASRock Z270-Extreme4 motherboard. We don’t know if this one is an engineering sample or not, but the clock speeds of the chip appear to check out with previous leaks. The CPU core clocked at 4.20 GHz, with a maximum Turbo Boost frequency of 4.50 GHz.  The benchmark confirms that Intel is working on a new platform refresh chipset, with the Z270 chipset succeeding the existing Z170.
Kaby Lake i7 7700K

At its stock speeds, the i7-7700K churns out a SANDRA 2015 “Processor Arithmetic” score of 151.94 GOPS. Its “Processor Multimedia” score yielded is 379.8 Mpix/s. To put things in perspective, a Core i7-6700K “Skylake” processor running at its stock speed of 4.00 GHz core with 4.20 GHz Turbo Boost typically yields 140.88 GOPS in “Processor Arithmetic” and 353.8 Mpix/s in “Processor Multimedia” tests, according to LegitReviews. Intel is expected to launch the 7th generation Core processor family, alongside the 200 Series chipset, later this year.