Intel Core i9 7900X has set a new world record with 6.01GHz overclock

Overclocker Sofos1990 has successfully overclocked his Intel Core i9 7900X to 6.01GHz, and mad a world record overclock for this CPU, which has also achieved several world records for several 10-core CPU benchmarks.

The Intel i9 7900X to 6.01GHz has achieved a score of 12189.52 in HWBOT’s PRIME benchmark, making it the fastest 10-core CPU in the world for now, also single core scores makes SOFOS1990’s i9 the fasted single-CPU in this benchmark.

Sofos1990 has used LN2 cooling and pushed the vCore Voltage of 1.6V on a Gigabyte’s X299 SOC Champion motherboard. The Core i9 7900X was running at 59 CPU multiplier and a bus speed of 102, combining a 6.01GHz overclock. The G.Skill Trident Z memory was clocked at 3263MHz. Other hardware includes a 120GB Corsair Neutron SSD and a Corsair 1500i power supply.