Intel Core i9 7920X Skylake-X CPU Delidded by Der8auer, bigger die than i9-7900X

Once again overclocker Der8auer has delidded an Intel Core i9 7920X Skylake-X chip, revealing the actual CPU-Die for use to see. He used his delidding tool, Delid-Die-Mate-X, the die is much larger than Intel’s 10-core i9-7900X. Also, Intel is still not doing soldering on its enthusiast-targeted CPUs, which would result in better temperatures and, potentially, overclocking potential.

Der8auer has shown that the Intel’s new Skylake-X CPUs are not very difficult to delid and should offer better temps by doing so. The Facebook post by Der8auer with the delidded 7920X likely serves as an appetizer for an upcoming delid video on his YouTube channel.