Intel is going to release their 10nm CPUs in 2017

From long time Intel using Tick Tock model for introducing their processor, where the Tick moves make a new processor node, highest efficiency with minor architecture changes and the Tock moves makes major architecture change.

Now Intel trying to break their Tick Tock model and walking towards the Tick Tock Tock model. In this new model each processing node used for 3 gen of CPUs, which is because of make their manufacturing technology smaller and smaller.

Intel going to release their first 10nm CPU named Cannonlake in 2017 after the Kaby Lake CPUs which will expected to release this year.


Intel already made Broadwell and Skylake on their 14nm processing node with Kaby Lake it will be their 3rd gen CPU on 14nm processing node. Which means intel is ready to break their Tick Tock cycle.

On the 10nm processing node suggest that it will be with us for 2020 like Canonlake in 2017, Icelake in 2018 and finally Tigerlake in 2019 which will be replaced by unnamed 5nm CPU in 2020.

In 5nm we will likely to see EUV technology, Extreme Ultraviolet lithography, which will alow sub 10nm processing tech to be possible, though we cannot assume how intel exactly replacing their 10nm with 5nm.

Microarchitecture CPU series Tick or Tock Fab node Year Released
Presler/Cedar Mill Pentium 4 / D Tick 65 nm 2006
Conroe/Merom Core 2 Duo/Quad Tock 65 nm 2006
Penryn Core 2 Duo/Quad Tick 45 nm 2007
Nehalem Core i Tock 45 nm 2008
Westmere Core i Tick 32 nm 2010
Sandy Bridge Core i 2xxx Tock 32 nm 2011
Ivy Bridge Core i 3xxx Tick 22 nm 2012
Haswell Core i 4xxx Tock 22 nm 2013
Broadwell Core i 5xxx Tick 14 nm 2014 & 2015
Skylake Core i 6xxx Tock 14 nm 2015
Kaby lake Core i 7xxx Tock 14 nm 2016
Cannonlake Core i 8xxx Tick 10 nm 2017
Icecake Core i 8xxx Tock 10 nm 2018
Tigerlake Core i 9xxx Tock 10 nm 2019
N/A Core xxxx Tick 5 nm 2020