Intel K-Series overclockable i3 Kaby Lake CPU has been listed online

Intel K-Series i3 Kaby Lake CPU has been listed online, which supports overclocking, making this the first officially overclockable Intel i3 CPU. This K-series i3 comes with a 4GHz base clock.


This new Intel i3-7350K, which is listed at a price of $177 and will feature two CPU cores with hyperthreading just like previous i3 CPUs, but with a 4GHz base clock and a boost clock of 4.2GHz this will be the fastest i3 CPU on the market, also with overclocking making it perfect for entry level gaming systems or workloads which require a few strong CPU cores.


Although, Intel has not officially confirmed that they will be releasing an overclockable core i3-7350K, but we hope they will as it certainly attract more budget users. Also, may be Intel decided to bring a overclockable i3 CPU in response to AMD’s upcoming Zen-based CPUs, solidifying the companies grip on the lower end market.