Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K Benchmark Leaked Shows 19% Increase Multi-Core Performance Over Core i7 6700K

Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K Benchmark Leaked, Revealing the clock speeds of 4.2GHz base. The Benchmark numbers are from GeekBench database, and run using 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a Gigabyte motherboard. According to lacked benchmarks, the new Core i7 7700K will have 15% increase Single Threaded performance and 19% increase multi-threaded performance over i7 6700K.


intel-kaby-lake-i7-770k-benchmark-2 intel-kaby-lake-i7-770k-benchmark-3

The Intel Core i7 7700K has 6131 single core performance score, compare to current Intel mainstream flagship Intel Core i7 6700K which scored 5343. This is around a 14.7% increase in performance over the previous generation. In multi-threaded Core i7 7700K scores 20243 points compared to 17077 points of Core i7 6700K. The scores are very interesting, but it didn’t fully represent the upcoming CPU. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait long to see the launch, then we can tell how much improvement it brings.