Intel KabyLake CPUs prices are leaked

The pricing for Intel’s Kaby lake CPUs has been leaked online, with the Core i7 7700K costing $349 and the Core i5 7600K costing $239. These prices are not much higher than Intel’s current Skylake processors. The new Kaby lake CPUs are not going to be a significant architectural improvement over Skylake and will feature some incremental updates like higher clock speeds and efficiency. The Kaby lake CPUs will be compatible with Intel’s existing LGA 1151 motherboards, allowing Skylake users to upgrade to Intel’s latest CPU architecture easily, but we don’t think it will be worth if you already own a Core i7 6700K or i5 6600K or similar.

intel-kaby-lake-7th-gen-cpu Kaby Lake Processors

The leaked prices are listed down below:

  Core/Threads Core Clock TDP Leaked Price (US)
i7 7700K 4/8 4.2 91W $349
i7 7700 4/8 3.6 65W $309
i5 7600K 4/4 3.8 91W $239
i5 7600 4/4 3.5 65W $219
i5 7500 4/4 3.4 65W $199
i5 7400 4/4 3.0 65W $189