Intel new Kaby Lake CPUs spotted with Core i5 7600K picture and clock speeds

Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake CPUs have been spotted, showcasing a new IHS design, higher clock speeds and surprisingly low TDPs.


Kaby Lake will be the first CPU from Intel’s new Process-Architecture-Optimization development model, the new CPUs are built on new 14nm FinFET Plus manufacturing node.  This will allow Intel to create CPUs that offer higher clock speeds and higher levels of power/thermal efficiency, while still using their 14nm manufacturing process.



As you can see in the screenshots of Intel’s i5 7600K and i3 7300, with the i3 featuring a base clock of 4.0GHz and the i5 having a base clock of 3.8GHz and turbo clock speeds of 4.2GHz, which is higher than Intel’s Skylark series CPUs, meaning the Kaby Lake CPUs will have higher single threaded performance than Skylake.
intel-core-i5-7500t intel-core-i3-7310t-cpuz  Below are the leaked CPU specifications for Intel’s upcoming Kaby lake series of CPUs, all of which will be compatible with Intel’s Existing LGA 1151 motherboards.

CPU Cores/Threads Core Clock L3 Cache TDP Socket
Core i7-7700K 4/8 4.2 GHz 8 MB 91W LGA1151
Core i7-7700 4/8 3.6 GHz 8 MB 65W LGA1151
Core i7-7700T 4/8 2.9 GHz 8 MB 35W LGA1151
Core i5-7600K 4/4 3.8 GHz 6 MB 91W LGA1151
Core i5-7600 4/4 3.5 GHz 6 MB 65W LGA1151
Core i5-7600T 4/4 2.8 GHz 6 MB 35W LGA1151
Core i5-7500 4/4 3.4 GHz 6 MB 65W LGA1151
Core i5-7500T 4/4 2.7 GHz 6 MB 35W LGA1151
Core i5-7400 4/4 3.0 GHz 6 MB 65W LGA1151
Core i5-7400T 4/4 2.4 GHz 6 MB 35W LGA1151
Core i3-7300 2/4 4.0 GHz 4 MB 51W LGA1151
Core i3-7310T 2/4 3.4 GHz 3 MB 35W LGA1151
Pentium G4620 2/4 3.8 GHz 3 MB 51W LGA1151