Intel roadmap has leaked, confirms Z370, H370, H310, B360 and Z390 platforms

A new Intel roadmap chart has been leaked and revealed more info on upcoming Intel 8th Gen platform. As we can see it is a confirmation of new Coffeelake-S series naming scheme. The new motherboard chipsets are Z370, H370, H310 and B360 chipset, The B350 name which was already borrowed by AMD; therefore Intel named it the B360. Since there was no successor to H110 chipset with 200-series, the Coffeelake platform will feature an entry-level H310 chipset.

But the most interesting thing is Intel Z390. This is a new high-end chipset for enthusiasts. Right now it’s unclear if Z390 will replace Z370 or both are to be offered simultaneously. The Z370 motherboards are very similar to Z270. So the Z390 may simply be a proper successor, while Z370 is just an adoption for Coffeelake-S. But there also a possibility that Z390 may feature a new socket.