Intel showcase a prototype depth sensing 3D camera for the HTC Vive

Intel has created a depth-sensing 3D camera for the HTC Vive, which will provide new tracking ability and significantly improving the headset’s chaperone system.

This prototype add-on will detect room objects and users can see them on the headset and easily avoid obstacles, like walk into furniture as you play games.

prototype depth sensing 3D camera for the HTC Vive

In theory, this add-on could also shorten the HTC Vive’s lengthy setup process, by allowing this device to map out your playable area in seconds instead of mapping it out with a motion controller.

This depth sensing 3D camera will attached to the HTC Vive using USB and the camera can also be used to track your controllers as well as hand gestures, potentially adding a new way to track movements outside of the HTC Vive’s own IR tracking system.

Right now this depth sensing 3D camera is a prototype and we do not know if this will be launch or not, but Intel has certainly made a lot of progress with their depth sensing technology.